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Flex edits with comp tracks: help!


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Hi all,


Is it really true that the only way to use Flex with comp tracks is if you open the folders and Flex on the specific swipe areas rather than the top composite "track" created from the swipes? This is the only way it works for me. The issue I'm facing is that I need to use Monographic Flex to line up multiple backup vocals. But, for instance track BackUp1 uses elements from a Take 1 and Take 2 and Tracl BackUp2 uses elements from a Take 4 and Take 5.


Thus it is IMPOSSIBLE to line these two tracks up because, when I expand both take folders, the two overall tracks i'm trying to line up won't be under each other because there are all the extra takes in the way. Do you see the issue? Any way around this??


Thanks so much!

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