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LPX, MainStage 3 on Yosemite


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Hi guys :)


I'm running OS 10.8.5, MainStage 3.0.4 and LPX 10.0.6 on my 2012 13" MBP i7 that has 16 GB RAM and a SSD,


Everything is working fine for me with LPX 10.0.6, but when I see what updates are available for MainStage 3, there is a new version 3.1.1 that looks pretty good.




To install that version requires that I upgrade my OS to 10.9.5. or higher.


When I try to update my OS, it says I can upgrade to Yosemite for free.


So all this upgrading just to get MainStage 3 :)


My question are:

1) Should I upgrade to Yosemite?

2) Will LPX run as good/fast/etc. on Yosemite?

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Hello Eric, how have you been?


I probably asked this question before, so please forgive me if I have :)


When you say "Remember to have a backup just in case", a backup of what specifically (just my MBP, my Songs that are backed up on several Hard Drives, LPX, etc)?


What do you recommend (and how do I do so?) I backup to?





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