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Drum Machine designer custom layouts?


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Is there any "non-workaround" way to do this?


at this point i need to load something from the library, then clear the thing from the library in order to get make custom drumkits and to combine different plugins for different hits.


I'm aware drum machine designer is only a smart-controls layer, but i find it very practical for some things, although i wish it would be an easier way to combine different VSTs.


I also have a truckload of single-shots. I really wish there was an easy way to "scroll" through the whole folder of them without having to reload them. UB and EXS are both too complicated for that.


To do that with EXS i need to drop all samples in, create a new instrument, then fiddle with the silly "transpose" button


only sampler I found to do that simply was NI Battery4, but I don't like it and its too bloated just for the silly "next sample in folder" function.

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