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Logic X freezing totally after 30-60 minutes of using


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I haven't managed to find any similar posts about this problem so I started this new one.

I've started to encounter this very weird bug during the last year with my Logic X running MacBook Pro 2011 intel i7 2,4ghz with 16gb of 1333mhz DDR3, basic 750gb 5400rpm HD


This weird thing appears usually after like 30-60 minutes of running Logic X and it doesn't seem to be related to the amount of plugins or audio content in the project.

For some reason Logic starts to firts complain about occasional system overloads, after that it might start slowing down generally, sometimes starting to cracle and stutter. After that phase appears its already impossible to trying to even play the project and CPU meters seem to be bouncing thru the roof even during a pause and it doesn't come down from there, CPU-meter just waving and spiking, all cores spiking about equally. This prosess freezes my whole computer, even the hot corners start to lag and it's almost impossible to do much. I've tried almost everything, first moving my select on an empty audio track with nothing encumbering the system, removing useless trakcs and running low latency mode, but it just doesn't help. Only cure for that is to just shut down Logic, which at that point usually refuses to shut down peacefully and I use force quit.

The weird thing about that is that it can happen in a cpu-light project with just like 10 tracks and nothing special, should be piece of cake for MacBook to run it. Or on the other hand I can run a project with 100 tracks in it with a ton of plugins smoothly for like half and hour and then suddenly this all starts. My buffer is at max 1024 samples and there still 98gigs of space left on the hard drive.

Any ideas?

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98 GB left on your system drive? This is pretty low. OS X is outsourcing memory to the system drive. I read on a lot of forums a system drive should not be fuller than 2/3 of its capacity. Can you try deleting unused data or move them to an external drive?

For work with audio files a (external) harddrive with 7200 rpm is recommended from which you run your projects off.


When you run Logic have you checked in Activity monitor which programms/apps are running in the background, maybe you have something going on which eats your cpu or RAM ?

Just some thoughts :)


Good luck !

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