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Multi-track Smart Controls?


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Hello all,

I'm am looking for a way to assign smart control parameters from plugins on the selected track AS WELL AS parameters from OTHER tracks.

For instance, say I want to control a low-pass filter on the selected track and have the same knob control the volume of a sub-bass on a different track, is there a way to map smart controls to achieve such madness? I only see a list of parameters from the selected track only. I want automation of the smart control knob to affect other instruments too.


If this is not possible In Logic Pro X, then any suggestions on how to achieve similar results are much appreciated!

Thanks you all,

Tom S.


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If you create a track stack, you will be able assign smart control to any parameter of any track inside the stack. It's also possible to assign multiple parameter to a knob.


It worked!

But there's a trick to it. I had initially tried this process, but instead of a smart controls window, I got a message that said "Insert a plug-in on the track's channel strip to use Smart Controls. " After reading your reply, I tried it again, but this time I actually followed the directions by inserting a random plugin, and BINGO! Now both track's parameters appear for use :D (and now I can delete the unwanted plug-in whilst the other parameters remain.)

It's certainly a strange roundabout way of accessing both track's parameters, but it worked nonetheless! Thank you!


P.S. your username rings a bell, I think I've seen you in forums before, although this is my first time posting in any forum. See you around!

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