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Trying to get 32bit plugin to work using VE Pro


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to get a 32-bit reverb to work in Logic using VE Pro as a bridge.

But I've been trying for HOURS to get the signal path to work right.


I am:

- New instance of Ve Pro 32 Bit, as an instrument track in Logic

- Make new "Input" in Ve Pro

*I think I'm selecting input as 1-2 and output as 1-2 but I'm not sure what to do there?*

- Then I'm using sends for other instrument tracks to an Aux Track on Bus 1

- Then I open VE Pro Audio input on the new Aux track and select the necessary VE PRo reverb instance and select input 1-2.


I've attached graphics to show what I've done.


But I can't get it to work no matter what. I've been trying for hours ... what am I doing wrong?



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