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Exporting and re-Importing midi files


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I am creating some MIDI files In Logic X that I will eventually export for others to use with my sample libraries. Two questions arise-


I am placing a sustain control message on the first beat of the first measure and a sustain pedal release on the last beat - (see my attachment). As you can see my sustain pedal command in the original MIDI file is at the end of the second measure on the very last tick (240).


The second attachment shows what it looks like when I import the MIDI file back into the Logic as a test-as you can see the sustained control message is now placed on the downbeat of a third measure that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps I'm setting the sustain message to close to the end of the second measure-I would need to experiment with this but I'm guessing maybe if I set it at 200 or 150 perhaps that would make a difference? Anybody have any experience with something like this. I just want to create a to measure MIDI file that can be imported into other sequencers.


My second question is when I go to export the MIDI file is there any way to have it automatically named the same as the region that I am exporting. Because right now I am typing in the name of the MIDI file. I'd also like to be able to do a batch export of numerous regions and have the resultant midi files named according to the region.


Thanks for any help!



AFTER exporting midi file


BEFORE exporting midi file

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