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Osx & logic combos people are having/not having success with


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Hi folks,


My first post here, thanks for having me.


I know there are a few threads for similar topics to this already, but with software upgrades the results and opinions are constantly evolving.


So, I was wondering what versions of Osx and logic people are using, and how well the combo is working for them. The spec and age of your systems would give good insight too (if it's not already in your signature).


My mid 2009 17" macbook pro (running on the last version of Lion with logic 9.1.8 ) is dying on me and needed upgrading anyway. I've purchased a second hand 'late 2011' 17" macbook pro. I'm trying to rule out osx iterations that will be inefficient/too taxing compared to older ones for my machine. My specs are:


Macbook pro late 2011 (8,3)

2.4 quad i7

16gb ram

1tb SSD


I've been on an internet searching mission of good logic and osx combos (to save lot's of trial and error/installing time) and can't find much other than "snow leopard/logic 9 is the most stable and has best performance" etc. The only info i've found on mavericks or Yosemite is how they are now 'kind of stable' with logic x or 9 but if you're coming from a snow leopard and logic 9 combo "there will be a noticeable hit to performance".


I'd love to try the most current os and go to this 'el capitan' when it comes out, but i'm thinking there's no point in upgrading osx/logic if it will tax the 2011 machine to the point that it runs with similar performance of my old 2009 2.8 duo core with older, less taxing software.


The Universal audio console software i'll be using for my interface requires Mountain Lion or newer, so I'm kind of torn between Mavericks and Mountain Lion. A shame, as it rules out some earlier versions of osx that are probably better suited to the age and architecture of my machine. I'd like to give logic x a spin, but performance is more desirable than new features I might or might not use, so i'd stick with logic 9 if needs be. Ideally I'd have both versions of logic installed if there's an osx that will be optimal with both.


I Hope this thread helps other users looking to upgrade their OS or have similar spec'd machines. :D

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My apologies for bumping after only one day, but i have an appointment with the local apple store on Thursday so they can provide me with a boot of an OSX of my choice. If anyone else has any experience with osx/logic performance on a similar spec'd machine then i'd greatly appreciate any input.



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I'm using an early '11 15" 2.2GHz Quad - Essentially the same machine as yours but early '11. I too upgraded from Lion. I went to Mavericks (so I can run Logic X, i could have gone mountain lion but went for the best I could get without sacrificing L9). I gotta say LX runs great now, and I can still definitely use L9. 9 Seems maybe a tad more laggy than before, but I was getting lockups in Lion so it's hard to tell. I very very much doubt anyone at the apple store will know what works with L9.


So in conclusion, that laptop + Mavericks and both versions of Logic are sweet. I'm running 8GB RAM.


However, there's no way in hell I'm gonna upgrade to Yosemite or El Capitan anytime soon, I just know that the new interface will create havoc for L9. Message me if there's anything else you wanna know, I happened to sign onto here for the first time in ages, great timing!

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