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External instruments and logic pro x. All logic pro experts!


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So basically, I switched over from fl studio to logic pro x. I used fl studio for over 8 years but I then decided to use hardware synths instead of vsts. I bought my first ever synthesizer (juno gi) and I really like the synth. However my problem: whenever I load external instruments I can hear and play the sounds easily but somehow I cannot save the sounds and move on to the next sound. I'm wondering whether its my interface or not. I can only record 2 inputs/ output. Can somebody advice me a good audio/ midi interface, whereby I can record and change the midi note without losing the sounds. In other words: I want to record multiple synths at the same time (lets say 5) in logic pro x: edit through piano roll but not lose the sounds and save the projects. Any suggestions?


Which interface has these capabilities. There must be at least 1 interface on Earth?


Many thanks.

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a.) Saving the sounds must be done on the gear itself. It doesn't matter if it is a plugin or hardware. So store your newly created uber-synth on the Juni GI itself.



b.) To record more than 2 channels at a time, there are tons of possibilities. Depends very much on your workflow and budget. E.g. you could get a modular system from BURL, so you can define the number of inputs and outputs independently, but it will cost you easily waaaaay over 10-15k :D Or you can start with a simple USB-soundcard for 200 bucks. We need more information.



c.) Be careful to exactly distinguish these three different things: MIDI-notes will be stored within Logic. Logic sends them to your hardware synth (where you previously saved your new sound). HW-synth sends a signal to your soundcard/converter, converter sends it to Logic. Logic records an audio file that is stored on the harddrive.

So you'll have 3 things to store:

1.) MIDI notes >>> Logic session

2.) Sounds >>> Synth itself (no matter if plugin or hardware)

3.) Audio (files) >>> Harddrive, referenced into Logic session

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