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Score Editor - Note Heads Missing [SOLVED]


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Well it seems I am having one of those weeks.

Below is a screen shot (click to go full screen) and attached logic project ( if anyone cares to try it) where no matter what I do, I cannot get note-heads to appear on the score. Optional note heads can be dragged in and work but the standard note heads do not work.


Resetting note attributes seems to have no effect and when I change note heads in the staff style ( with the note attributes set to default) - a setting of normal results in "no" note heads being displayed. However when copying the region to another instance of logic - the note heads display properly and work as expected. Am I doing something wrong or have I missed a setting....


My goal is not to just correct this but rather understand what caused it and how to fix it.


Eric - care to try to go for 2 of 2 :D



O'h where O'h where have my noteheads gone

No Note Heads.logicx.zip

File exhibiting notehead issue

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Is there anything you don't know!!!!!!


Yes it appears to be something strange with the Sonata font (I would have never thought to change that). Changing the fonts to other options(internal, Bravura, or Jazz) made them re-appear and the issue went away. So I know what caused it - just not sure why? But at least I know how to fix it if it happens in the future.

Very nicely done!!!!!

Where should I send the check? :roll:

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