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recovering audio files [SOLVED]


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In need of assistance. I mixed and completed a song last night. I hadn't done an external back up yet. Fortunately, I had sent out a wave file of the mix. But I wanted to work on it again and somehow unbeknownst to me, I deleted portions of the audio files, bass, ac gtr, and elec gtr. (The midi files were unchanged.) I've included a photo.


Is there a way to recover these 3 files?


Big thanks ahead!!




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The only places left to check is the Audio Files window in Logic and the Project Backup Folder.

Hit F

From the edit menu click on "Select Unused"

Maybe some of the takes will appear.

Otherwise it'll be rather impossible to get them back.


In the project backup folder the number 00 is the newest backup, 01 is older and so forth.

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