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Repeat notes / events problem


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Hi there.

In Logic X when I want to select a bar full of notes in the piano roll in order to repeat them several times, the repeat function (command R) does not add the notes in the next available bar. It instead adds them to the one after the next available bar.

It defeats the purpose of the shortcut. Instead does not increase workflow because I have to then manually copy and paste by holding down option while dragging into place.


Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for your time

Shammie Pspiralife

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Works fine here.

CMD-R has a range of behaviours depending on what I highlight.


Bar of notes = copy to next bar

+ Bars of notes = add bar and copy


Are the notes you highlight only in "one" bar.


If I highlight a selection with one note crossing into next bar CMD-R adds a bar on copy.

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