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Score Editor - Global format, save settings per track


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Hi All

Using 10.0.7 and I'm working on a big project, scoring a musical for a 7 piece band.


I have already recorded all the songs but am now starting to produce the sheet music. I open the Bass part in first song, alter all the settings in Layout - Global format to make the part look nice, save a pdf then move on to the Piano. This needs different settings from the bass so I change the settings. but If I want to go back and redo the Bass part all the settings are now the ones used in the Piano part.

is there any way (other than having 7 different projects each with just one part in it) to save those global format settings with a part.


Also is there any way to alter the default settings with a project? looks like by default all the margin settings are 0.5 so every time I open a project I have to go n and change them all to what I need.





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The simple answer is you must use a different staff style for each part. Do not use the same one for if you change staff spacing distance it will change the spacing for all which have that staff style assigned to it (other parameters in the staff style window too).


2nd you should create a score set for each part. Score set selection is done in the inspector at the top (filter parameter) when the score has focus. As long as you work in score sets and have unique staff styles for each staff - you should have no problems in each being formatted independently. Lastly I would turn the link mode in the score editor off and if you want to bring up the score double click on the region in the arrange page or select the correct score set from the filter parameter.


No not on projects already created but you can make your changes and save as a template. Then when you start a new project from the template all parameters will be what you saved them as. However, You can also import score settings from one project to another

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