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Control Surface setup - output/input port question


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The questions just keep coming.

I've been dorking with my M-Audio Oxygen 49, trying to learn it's ways.

I'm supposed to be able to press it's Auto button, and activate it's transport controls, etc, but I'm having issues in the Control Surface setup area.

(I only have two types of control surfaces - a PreSonus Faderport, and the Oxygen49. I'm just messing w/ the Oxy49, I intend to use the Faderport as the main control surface for the Transport et al. (the Faderport has it's own delightful issues too).


The Output port gives me 4 options - All, MIDI, Oxygen49 and Faderport.

The Input port gives me 3 options - MIDI, Oxygen49 and Faderport.

Whatever Output port I select doesn't seem to matter, but the Input port only allows the Oxygen49's transport controls to function when I select Oxygen 49, and yet the keyboard's midi signals no longer get recognized in Logic! (They do when I select either of the other two options, but won't allow the transport controls to work when I press the Auto button.)


Could someone kindly provide some guidance?


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