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Fostex VM200 failing to repsond to logic midi feedback


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I have a Fostex VM200 digital mixer going (in and out) into logic via the midi ports on my usb interface. Using the learn mode in the expert view (which is a laughable name considering the user here :P) of control surface assignments window, I have gotten to the point of being able to get the faders on the fostex to send data to the faders in logic, but when i move the faders in logic the motorized fostex faders sit still. I have attempted to install a mackie control mixer into my controller surfaces setup, and then just remapping the input value and touch/release value, which has only gotten me as far as the "out" light on my interface turning on, which i couldn't get it to do before, but still no physical hardware movement.


I admit i'm pretty baffled at how the input value and touch/release values work, as well as if setting a touch/release value is completely necessary.


Any advice?


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