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Automatic master volume dim when I press Record button


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Hi guys,


This is a Logic Pro X question, I'm on 10.1.0


I'm wondering if there is such a thing as an automatic master volume dimmer when I press record?


My problem is that I record a lot of vocals, and sometimes I forget to turn the master level down before recording and some music bleeding occurs (that bleeding wouldn't be there if I had remembered to turn the master level down before recording, I usually turn the level fairly down when recording vocals and only take it up once I'm done recording to avoid bleeding).


I know there is a Dim button in the master channel, could there be a way to connect this to he record button somehow? That would be awesome. Or some other way.


What I specifically don't want to do is to have to click the Dim button or use key shortcuts to activate it, because the point is that I forget to turn the level down before I hit Record. So I need something automatic. Otherwise I could just turn my soundcard's knob down, the point is I keep forgetting :(


Best, Hugo

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