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Mid Song Tempo Adjustment...


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I have Logic Pro X. See attached photo.


Is it possible to adjust the tempo for one section of the song without adjusting the entire song's tempo?


The drums are recorded at 110 bpm. (The red section in the photo)


At the 85th bar, I would like to change the tempo of the (blue) drums to 100 bpm, without affecting the tempo of the first section.


The two sections are recorded on separate tracks. I am trying to change the tempo of the section in blue, without changing the entire song.






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You could use time & pitch machine in the audio file editor.

Select the region - edit - tempo - detect tempo - remember this number

go to the audio file editor ( backup the file - this will be a destructive operation)

functions -> time and pitch machine

Set mode to (free / Complex )

enter the tempo above as the original and enter the final tempo you want in the next column ( hit enter)

Process and Paste.

You will have to do it for each track I believe ( not at computer so can't verify)

This is one way of doing it.


The above addresses your issue it if you have some overlap in your regions such that you are unable to use the global tempo track to make the adjustment. If they aren't overlapping, then enable follow tempo and pitch in the region inspector and change the global tempo track to what you want at the bar the new regions kick in.... You could also use flextime. Lots of options.

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Its in the local menu header of the audio file editor.

double click on your audio region -> the track and file editors show up at bottom. Select the file tab. Function menu listed there.

or you could select the region and hit command-6 to bring up the floating File editor.

or you could select the region and hit the scissor icon on the main logic tool bar - select File tab.


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