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Kick Pitch shifting


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hello guys, english is not my main language so i hope this is understandable:)


is there a easy way of tunning individual selected kicks in logic x ?

i use battery for loading my drum samples


whenever i decide i want to tune some kicks or anything else i have to copy channels in battery then move notes on the midi track

this takes alot of time and is not realy good for my workflow.


today i was working with a guy who uses fl studio and its sooo easy and fast to do it in there...


i was wondering if logic can do something similar?

something like the Midi draw -velocity controller where u can see and select individual notes with a pitch function would be awesome for tuning drums...

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In Battery select the sound you want to tune. Select Cell in the tab menu. There is a knob called tune. Right click on it and choose any

CC controller. Then you can automate that controller in Piano Roll.


hope it helps



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