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Regions importing overlapped into the Arrange window


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Hey there,


So I'm having a funky issue. Not horrible but slightly annoying. When I drag 3 audio files from Finder into a track in my Arrange window, with the Drag set to "Shuffle Left" and I select "Place all files on one track", they come in with the middle file overlapping the first file by about half. To clarify, the regions are all about 15 seconds, the first one imports to 01:00:00:00, the second to 01:00:08:17 (overlapping region 1) and the third nicely abutted to the end of the 2nd. See attached screenshot. This happens no matter if I am on No Overlap or Shuffle Left.


I know I can simply drag the 2nd and 3rd regions out a bit, then snap them back to the end of region 1 in a few seconds, but it is slightly annoying. Is this a bug or is there a setting I can change?


Info on setup in signature.


Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!


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