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Are green MIDI loops EXS24 instruments in disguise?


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I've only just started using loops in some of my music, so please forgive my naïveté on this matter . . .


Today I added the African Ghost Bells 01 loop to a track I'm composing. I see that at the top of the channel strip, in the input slot, it says Drum Kits, and when I click to open Drum Kits I get a little window with three parameters: Volume, Release and Cutoff. Now I'm assuming, though I may be wrong, that this MIDI loop is actually being played by the EXS24 sampler - or am I wrong?


If I'm right that African Ghost Bells 01 is being played by the EXS24, how can I access that full EXS24 instrument and all its parameters, as opposed to this little window called Drum Kits with its three parameters?


If I'm wrong, is this MIDI loop actually being played by a hidden instance of UltraBeat? And again, if so, is there a way to see it?


Any advice greatly appreciated!




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