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creating bass extension?


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I loaded some 808 bass samples in ultra beat, and I'm wondering how I could extend the duration of them. In other words, I'd like for the bass to take a longer time to fade out; e.g. instead of it lasting 2 seconds, having it last, say 5 seconds. I thought about bouncing it and stretching the audio, but that would unfortunately take some quality out of the bass.

If this isn't possible to do, I'd really appreciate some of your opinions on the best drum or bass kits to download online. To give you an example, I often hear this type of long lasting bass in trap music :!:

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Do you mean kick drum by bass?


Usually you try to extend the "length" of a sample by using a loop. The loop "imitates" the sustain phase. So as long as you hold a note, it will loop. But I think that the results usually are very unnatural sounding.


Since I don't do trap music, I couldn't recommend you any sample library. Plus none of my kick samples (I guess there are over 30k of them), is longer than 2 - 3 seconds.


Maybe you should check out kick synths, like BigKick, where you can set the length with an envelope ;) Instead of using samples.


Or you could increase the length of your existing kick with a synth using a deep sine wave.

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