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Recording tracks from Logic back into logic using MG10XU mix


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I bought Yamaha MG10XU mixer. I like some of the FX on it. I am trying to use some of the FX on a dry ESX drum track in logic. The mixer can be used as an audio interface. It has 2 ins and 2 outs. Now I can set the MG10XU as the audio in and audio out in Logic. This seems to work... but when I hit record to bounce the desired fx you can hear the metronome click... Not a dig deal... but you can also hear the original dry track... which also wouldn’t be a huge deal but it is delayed slightly because of the latency... so when I record the audio back into logic it sounds ... phasey.

How can I remedy this? I was trying to silence the original track by sending it to a bus or something.. but i guess the mixer is just recording the entire output of the computer.

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