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Logic pro heavy backup files from empty template project


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I am currently trying my orchestral template in logic pro 10.1.1. My logic pro template only hosts midi tracks and all my libraries are loaded in VEP on my windows computer with the  vienna server.


My question is, how could my logic pro project be 1gb heavy when it is only hosting midi tracks ?The project itself has no files.


I know the heavy datas come from the project file backup folder. My other projects that dont use the vienna server do not have such heavy project data.


The problem is not so much the space it takes, but it cause my logic pro session to freeze and not responding when I switch from a logic pro project to another.


By this I mean that when working with my orchestral template I have another lpx projet open just filled with program changes midi region that I copy and paste in my track in the orchestral project.


But this makes logic pro to freeze. If I do the same and copy the programes changes to another project ( less heavy) the prog.change region is pasted in a flash without any trouble.


So how do I make my project less heavy if that is the solution of my problem ?


Deleting backup files would only postpone the issue, and I dont wnat to drop this feature.


Anyone experiencing the same problem ? Also I know few people dont use multiple logic session at same time, these session contains nothing more than midi events...It sould not be heavy on the cpu or memory. 


I would be gratefull to anyone experienced keen to share his knowledge :)


thank you

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