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Audio Problems with 192kHZ


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I have a project which was recorded at 192Khz in 24-bit about 18 months ago. There were no audio problems.


This week I went back to the project to mix it but using my MOTU Ultrlite MkIII as the audio output I get no sound. Nothing. Not even the levels on the faders have any life. This is for audio tracks and midi tracks alike.


However as soon as I change the audio output within the project to my iMac's inbuilt output speakers I get sound just fine.


I have 13 other projects on my iMac using exactly the same equipment (although the rate is set to 96KHz in 24-bit in these projects). same iMac, same audio interface, same monitors, same DAW.....same everything and I've not had a single problem such as the above.


Any ideas how I can solve this? I'm on a tight deadline for this project so any help will be much appreciated.


I tried converting the 192 KHz audio files into 96KHz in 24-bit but this didn't go so well as it made the audio files sound twice as fast.

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Thanks for the reply David.


I did the factory reset on on my audio interface and it made no difference. However; I dug out my old audio interface (another MOTU Ultralite mkIII) and the project now produces sounds for all the tracks......but the project keeps stopping every time it plays due to a system overload of the audio engine.


I've already tried to convert the audio files from 192 to 96 but it made them sound twice as fast! Apart from audio bin > convert files is there any other way to convert the sample rate of audio files?



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Thanks for your help David.


I've started the process of converting the files. So far most have converted fine but a few haven't converted as I would have liked as large chunks of the said file have just disappeared.


I'll just have to re-record these tracks.

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