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Problem with USB guitar to Midi converter(in Logic only)

Eric Wikman

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OK, I only had this unit for a few days and it seemed to work fine. But I discovered a few things last night. When I got it, I would have Logic open... and open the AX-50 editor, adjust some presets, and play around for a while. But I did remember having no midi signal a couple times, but then it would start to work, so I thought I didn't have the cable all the way in the socket or something. I had set up four presets with the Editor... one for solo, bass, pad playing and piano type chord playing. So then I was done with the editor for now.

After this problem started, I was asked on the Axon forum... if I could connect with the editor, and it did, and then I opened Logic and the signal stopped again. So I restarted, opened the editor again, and it worked, so I opened Logic Pro, and the signal stopped again! So I open the editor with Logic open...and it worked again. Then I quit the editor and I could keep using it with Logic. And the unit does work with Cubase SX3 with no problems. So it seems that this is only with Logic for now. I reset the editor to factory default settings and that did not change the problem. I was looking at the "tuning" display of the AX50 this whole time, and the display would show no activity, when this would happen each time. That is what I find strange, that somehow... opening Logic would stop the guitar signal from reaching the AX-50 thru USB???, and then no midi info would show up in Logic's meter display. Any ideas why this might do this. My other controllers (midi & USB) all seem to work fine, but I did try disconneting them also.


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This is a common thing: you have to start Logic BEFORE starting the Axon. It happens with my AX100 MKII, and happened with the Axon NGC77 before that.


It has something to do with MIDI messages sent out from the Axon when it's booting. Not quite a bug, but it happens every time with Logic.

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Well, if I go to a session, I can't always install the Axon AX50 Editor software on the studio's computer to make Logic see it midi from the unit after start up. That is the only issue for me at this time.


This dosen't occur in Cubase SX3.


However, on the Axon forum, they acknowledged this issue and said it will be fixed in the next update.


BTW, the tracking is sooooo very nice with this unit!

Bends and slides too.


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