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Logic issues with Intel vs. PPC?

Eric Wikman

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I was advised here that Logic has more errors &/or issues with new Intel Macs, than my G5 PPC. I was inquiring about upgrading my G5 soon.

Is there a list somewhere with these issues, or can people post them here, so I know what I would be dealing with. I really need to move/change things in my studio with caution due to needing to keep working smoothly.

Upgrading anything in a working studio really needs a lot of thought these days and research.

We all know how changing one thing can make others not work suddenly... or just more problems than you had before.

I've set the money aside for the new Mac Pro, but I want to purchase at the right time.


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Logic is flawless on my Mac Pro 2.66 with the stock 1 gig of RAM. MOTU 828 Mk II, AMT-8, Unitor 8 (old version), Mackie Control Universal and C4. I work in underground electronic styles mostly - techno, breaks, house, psy-trance. Even the Sound Diver beta runs great under Rosetta.


The only reason to not buy a Mac Pro right now is that it's almost been a year and we haven't seen any speed bumps yet. And in my humble opinion that's hardly a reason. I am in Logic heaven, as I have never had to freeze a single track to finish a project. I wouldn't trade this computer for anything.

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Export Audio to Movie doesn't work on Intel (workaround).


Harmonic Correction (in the Time and Pitch machine) doesn't work on Intel.


I think Jay Asher reported not being able to enter SMPTE times for tempo changes in the tempo list window, or something of that nature, on Intel. Personally I only work the tempo global track so that's never been an issue for me.


Still, Logic works great on Intel macs.

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