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Ultrabeat Sequencer not getting dynamic variation


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This is starting to come together for me now. I brought in samples I created myself, assigned them, and I have a pattern going, which I've been able to use in the Arrange window.


Still I'm missing one key detail: the change in dynamics from steps 16-32. The sequencer window and the MIDI region seem to represent it but it won't output different volumes. (FWIW, it does respond to accents placed.)


What am I misunderstanding, or what steps have I probably left out?






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That particular sound or voice is probably not velocity sensitive. Look at the synthesizer section of UB with that voice selected, and make sure the volume button is modulated via 'vel' (right under the main voice volume knob on the right), and the little green cursor around the volume knob is set to a different position than the volume knob itself.
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