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Logic Pro 7.2

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Dear Sir/Madam ;


I have 3 Audio/Midi interface , one Tascam FW-1884, one Apogee Ensemble and one Digidesign Digi-003 , and I also have both Mac Pro and PC computer , Now I want to know which Audio/Midi interface works with Logic Pro 7.2 very good and gives me the best sound and quality ?

Another question is ; Do Apogee Ensemble and Digi-003 work with together by one computer in one time ? For example , I want to work with Logic Pro 7.2 by Apogee and I also want to work with Pro Tools LE by Digi-003 at the same time just by one Mac Pro, (using VST instruments and MIDI by Apogee in Logic Pro 7.2 and real time Audio Recording by Digi-003 in Pro Tools LE directly from Apogee to Digi-003).

The last question ; Does FW-1884 work with Logic Pro as the same as other devices ?


Thank You

Best Regards;


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Well, definitely the Apogee Ensemble is your best choice!


The FW will also work.


The 003 will work but not as well.


You can use 2 interfaces together but like I said the 003 might create instability on your system. If you want to try it, search the forum for "aggregate" to know how to use both at the same time in Logic.

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