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Vocal samples needed - suggestions?

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Googling "vocal samples" gives me plenty of sources for sampled phrases, quotes, grunts and hoops and hollers, from all around the world. Not interested in that.


I'm looking to buy a sample library that would —IDEALLY— provide an SATB quartet, each member recording on acoustically isolated tracks a series of oooh, aaah, ohhh, holding each one for three or four durations (qtr note, whole note, two measures) with at least two or three dynamic variations.


Each set of samples (S, A, T, B) would provide at least two octaves, preferably a bit beyond, all chromatically,


Anyone found anything remotely resembling this, even only in part?




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After posting here and on another forum, it occurred to me to google "CHORAL samples," which led immediately to this:




which, well, yes, has probably everything I'd like, and, retailing at $499, about $300-$400 worth of MUCH MORE than I'd like. (Even after I could save $20, big whoop, at Amazon.com...)


So: anyone know of something less all-encompassing?

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Have a look at Bela D media's Diva Bundle too.. I have it and it sounds fabulous.


I am also planning to get the Symphony of Voices from Spectrasonics.


Also check out Bela D's Giovani childrens choir..

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