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Delay Parameter Fader for Specific MIDI Ports


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Hey all,


Here's the issue:


Sending MIDI out to my PC & GigaStudio, then audio coming back etc. has latency... duh. Well typically I compensate for the latency by delaying the MIDI output by a negative valey in the Delay parameter on the GigaStudio MIDI port(s) in the environment.


The annoyance of course is that if I change the buffer setting on either my DAW or my GigaStudio machine, the latency changes and thus to reflect this change I would have to modify EVERY delay parameter for EVERY channel on EACH of the GigaStudio MIDI Ports in the environment. I know about the Global Delay parameter, and the MIDI THRU Delay Parameter but these two are Global and I have other MIDI instruments that don't need to be delayed.


I was thinking about putting a fader in the environment after each GigaStudio MIDI Port that delayed all the MIDI by the fader value, so I could change this once if I changed the buffer setting... but what type of fader would accomplish this and how do I reference / change the Delay parameter? What it is? META? Control? Anyone have any idea?


Any help would be appreciated...


Thanks for your help!


Joe Greenier

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I'm 99% sure there aren't any environment objects that allow their delay parameter to be controlled remotely with a fader message.


Coming at it the other way, you could put a Sample Delay plugin on all your existing internal instrument and audio tracks and gang control them from a common fader object. Not elegant, but effective. That is if you can stand the latency there while actually playing.

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