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Can not figure out this beat, help!


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Hey everyone!


I am driving myself crazy tonight. I have a song that I figured was in normal 4/4 time. It has a kind of relaxed, light beat.


But when I do the beat in logic, then quantize it to fix up my crappy timing, it comes out all wrong. Can anyone tell me what time signature or settings to put for my intended beat so that it can quantize correctly?


I should mention I KNOW NOTHING about beats and rhythms and time signatures, only what I've picked up over the years. Songwriting is my main thing, not drums.


I would seriously appreciate any help. I can't continue this song because the drums sound so off and it won't let me quantize them. I just don't get it, I didn't think the beat was anything special...


Beat without quantization, but pretty accurate to what I want:



Beat with quantization 4/4 16:




Beat with quantization triplet 16:



As you can hear, the quantization takes out the relaxed feel of the beat. But there must be some way to match the hits up to the grid, right?


Tempo is 120.

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If you turn on the metronome in Logic, is your original beat pretty much following the beat of the metronome?


Is this audio quantization or MIDI quantization? If audio, check for the proper position of transient markers in your audio file?



Oh, I didn't even know you could quantize audio. It's a midi beat.


The metronome goes with my original beat.

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Well, this seems to be how the beat should look in the piano roll.

I used 1/12 divisions to get it to sound right.

Perhaps this may help and you can take it from there.



Oh wow!!! Changing it to 1/12 seems to have worked! In addition to quantizing it to "16 SWING D"


Really interesting. I have no idea why the rhythm is so different than what I normally do.

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