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Audio To Score Poor Results


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OK guys,


I've tried the audio to score function in the past and never got it to work. Then after watching the Apple Pro Seminar I was intrigued on whether it would work as in the video rather than me buying a sample trigger plug-in.


It didn't.


I've read as many threads here on the site as I can, all very informative, so thank you all. My issue is the timing of the midi triggers. I've tried every setting in the audio to score function and even at one point had the result lines in the window exactly in line with the audio transients.


However when I then process, the resulting MIDI is now always early or late (of my snare hits) creating bad flamming.


It all works great apart from after I receive the resulting MIDI, is there a bug? I'm on 7.2.3.


I demoed Aptrigga and found that awesome, should I just spend the €35 and buy that. Can Aptrigga function like PT Sound Replacer and create a new audio region of sample hits on a seperate track?


Any help would be much appreciated.





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