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which tuning system?

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Do I go with the $69 locking tuners or get this product for $900 for my guitar?






Your Les Paul Standard will tune itself precisely and automatically in seconds.

Gibson Les Paul Standard PowerTune System™ Features:


Installs easily onto your Les Paul Standard

No guitar modification

No additional wiring

Many preset tunings

Create and store custom tunings

Helps set intonation

Automatic winding and unwinding for string changes

Reference tuning to other instruments

2 rechargeable batteries charged through the guitar jack

About 300 tunings per charge

With the PowerTune System™, Gibson brings a real innovation to the marketplace that promises to banish, once and for all, the tuning problems guitarists and bass players often have. The instrument tuning system consists of 3 components that can automatically tune all strings according to prescribed settings in less than 5 seconds. Major modification of the instrument is no longer required. A control knob that enables the tuning to be programmed replaces the volume control. The player can choose from normal tuning patterns right up to the most diverse range of open tunings. The programmed instructions are implemented by tuners equipped with tiny electric motors. As the motorized tuners adjust the tuning, the pitch of the string is monitored by means of the tune-control bridge. Electrical power for the tuning mechanism is supplied via the guitar strings. It stores personal tuning preferences and makes them available for easy implementation at the push of a button.


The PowerTune System is a modular system that can be also retrofitted to virtually any available guitar-make or model. As part of its agreement with Tronical, Gibson will also be the exclusive distributor of upgrade kits available for a range of Gibson models, as well as other guitar brands.


The product components of the PowerTune System include the TuneControl-MultiKnob. The multi-functional pot is available in various finishes and styles to complement any design. The TuneControl-MultiKnob has all operating and control functionality contained and adjusted with 11 different positions. The PowerHead-Locking Tuners are contained in standard housing and are a revolution in guitar technology. Each automatic tuner consists of motorized high-performance gears along with intelligent servo electronics. The "learn" capability on the motor control allows it to optimize different tuning requirements. The Tune-Control Bridge and TuneCore-Controller work as the command center of the entire PowerTune System, monitoring and controlling the guitar s tuning. The strings carry the control signal and the power supply for the PowerHead-Locking Tuner. By using highly compact electronics, the TuneCore-Controller requires a minimum of space for optimal placement.



Gibson Les Paul Standard PowerTune System™ Specifications:




Open E

Open G



Single and double dropped-D tunings

Custom tunings

Reference tuning to other instruments

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Do I go with the $69 locking tuners or get this product for $900 for my guitar?
Go with Flamenco classes for a year at 900€ from Paco de Lucia......they are kidding right, 900€ ?

Who's crack did they smoke this time, Vanilla Ice's?


I am sure or hope some guitar manufactures can provide these products in the near future so they come with the guitar ;), free.

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