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selected in Arrange also selected in audio window?


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I've been trying to organize my regions, I'm cutting up for glitchy stuff and the audio regions are out of hand. I want to be able to select regions in the arrange window, and have the same regions selected in the audio window. The link buttion is on in the audio window, I thought whatever I selected in arrange would be highlighted in the audio window. One region at a time and this works fine. Rubberband selecting in arrange doesn't highlight anything in the audio window, and shift clicking in arrange just highlights the region in the audio window I most recently shift clicked in the arrange. Ideally I'd like to just select some regions in the arrange window, have them highlight in the audio window, and then create a group with those regions in the audio window, but in addition to those first problems I just bored you with, it seems groups can only include the audio file and all associated regions. I see that I could convert regions to audio files and them group them I guess, but is there a way to just group regions? It seems nitpicky, but I'm cutting up LITTLE slivers of audio sometimes, it would save me time to just group regions. Anyone got time to tell me how they handle this? I know I layed it on, as usual, but advice on any or all concerns are appreciated.



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