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Stylus- file management help


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Hi- I run stylus with logic, and have been given 20 gig of extra sounds for it. Trouble is my Mac HD only has 15 gig space left on it. I do have a second internal hard drive with loads of space. I installed stylus on the original hd as I disn;t have the second one then. How do I put the data/sounds on the 2nd hard drive and make aliases to direct it to the spectrasonics folder on Mac HD?


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the trick is the stylus ".dat" file which is the huge audio file to be moved over. That's the one you create an alias to. As to plug in settings etc leave them where they are.


Whatever you do ensure ALL stylus audio files are on the other drive. I don't believe you can split audio .dat files to multiple drives.



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Spectrasonics has a great help section on this topic

All of which can be found under the Spectrasonics.net > RMX support >troubleshooting FAQ.




The most space efficient & fastest access is to move everything (Stylus Rmx library & Sage expander libraries & your converted Rex files)

off your system drive (1st HD) and over to your 2nd HD (internal or external).

Basically you just copy your whole SAGE folder onto 2nd drive (maybe in folder RMX??? as you wish). Rename old SAGE folder (1st drive) SAGE.bakup. Create an Alias of new SAGE folder (on 2nd drive) and place where old one was on 1st drive(user~library~application support~spectrasoncs).


Now.... when you install your extra samples, they will be automatically installed in the SAGE folder on 2nd drive.


And.... you can delete SAGE.bakup if you wish...

Or... I keep as a backup. RMX is on my laptop, and if I dont have my external drive with the full SAGE folder I can just rename SAGE.bakup -> SAGE. This way I'm never without a functioning RMX - knock on wood!

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