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Turning MIDI Regions into AUDIO Regions?


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What's Up Guys? This program is truly making me feel like a complete idiot!!! Could someone please let me know if I'm actually using Logic properly... My problem now is this... I want to create a song using nothing but internal instruments... So I put UltraBeat on a Audio Inst. Track, create a loop in the arrange window, then create my beat (midi region)... Then I do the same with another synth and lay down a bass line, and so on... Now this works fine,,, but how do you change the MIDI regions into Audio? I'm thinking that I can just mute all of the midi tracks, except for the one I want to record, enable a Audio track and just record it as audio. This is obviously not right. I would greatly appreciate any help in my quest to learn Logic Pro 7. Hey David, sorry about posting in the wrong area last time. Honest mistake... Thanks guys... Need help bad!!!
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I can point you in the right direction, but you'll have to do some reading on it.


What's you're describing is "Bounce." You can Bounce one of two ways: online (which is in real time and useful for recording audio signals outside of Logic like external synths, other samplers on other computers, etc.) and offline (which would be best for the scenario you describe, since it'll record them faster than real time).


You're right about muting and soloing whatever you want to record per bounce. You are also right that recording a MIDI region as audio has nothing to do with changing the nature of the track object.


The part that fools the newbie here is that there is currently no way for Logic to automatically put the bounce (resulting sound file) into Arrange. You'll have to drag it onto an AUDIO track (not a MIDI instrument or even audio instrument) from the Audio window.


So open up the Bounce window, read the options carefully, and start experimenting. Lightbulbs will soon start popping.


Logic Pro Videos will reduce your learning curve dramatically.

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