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retrograde midi


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Moderators, I have since found a thread from way back asking the same question as me. Please feel free to delete this thread. I can't seem to figure out how to do it myself. Thanks. And sorry about not searching first. :wink:



Hey guys, I have a huge orchestral piece, multiple instances of Kontact. running. Loads of midi info.

I have decided that I want to end the piece with a retrograde version of the beginning.

The mind bending/numbing process of doing this note by note is daunting, and also prone to errors occurring.

I know I could write the score into sibelius, use it's retrograde function and then import back to logic, but the task of transferring from logic to sibelius is brutal, and always seems to be more trouble than its worth. With each app interpreting information in different ways and essentially providing more work than was initially planned.


Is there some way in logic to take a midi region and reverse it?



I see in the transform window there is a reverse function. I applied it to a small selection I created just to test it out. And it seemed to work nicely, although I can't quite figure out why it moved the notes, as opposed to just switching them. I will experiment some more. But if anyone has any tips on this function, that would be great. It's a little scary when I'm dealing with the size of the present project.




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Like you, I tend to create different versions of the theme to help develop my compositions. However, I don't use Logic. If there is an EASY way within Logic to do this, I'd be happy to learn, too. But I do use another program. i use Finale 2014 which has special compositional tools to do just what you're seeking, but in terms of notation. I take my 4 or 8 measure theme and create inversions, retrograde, retrograde-inversions, etc., of the melody then print it out. Of course, this requires inputting those variations onto the sequence project in Logic. Yes, it's an extra step. But by sequencing into Logic what is printed on paper, I'm "humanizing" that varied melody which (hopefully) sounds more authentic. So, if you don't already own Finale 2014, or another notation program (that hopefully has that type of composition tool), it might be worth the investment to purchase it for that and other compositional tools that are available. I'm still sequencing using Logic! But I'm using the Finale notation program to literally print out a cheat-sheet that I use throughout the compositional process. Of course, I USED to do all of the variations to the theme by hand. As you know, that can make one's brain hurt! LOL! So I cheat! No one knows the difference because, quite frankly, the results remain same.
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