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Bounce crash


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After many hours of work in Logic on a song my band is recording as a trial before we start on our EP, it would seem I have an issue....



Hopefully I'm a goose and it's something stupid but basically, whether I use the menu option or the button on Output 1-2, logic frezzes and crashes < 5sec later...


Any ideas?? I'd really appreciate any suggestions...


Mac Book 2Ghz (Core duo)


External hard disk (FireWire, 250GB)

Presonus Firepod

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The version I'm using is a mate's. He's letting me use it while he's overseas!


I've read about external sound devices causing issues (and the error message that comes up when it's a cracked version - which I'm not getting!) has anyone had problems with this?


I also thought it could be to do with the fact that I used what I guess is the default song sort of thing... There's a lot of instruments that aren't used etc. Also there's about 36 tracks...


Ringing any bells??


P.S: I can't bounce "offline" because I don't even get the dialog box I'm apparently supposed to... it's a fairly instant crash!

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