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Any problems with the upgrade process to El Capitan itself?


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I thought of asking whether anyone experienced problems upgrading from Yosemite to El Capitan. I know one person that had problems, and I later read some external posts mentioning hanging issues, or upgrades taking several hours, etc..


Anyone in this forum experienced issues like this? How long is an upgrade expected to take?

I know there is another big thread dealing with compatibility issues, I thought I'd create a separate one for this here.



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Only "problem" I have with my setup is when I quit an app in full screen mode, my TB display doesn't stay as the main display. I have to click on the background to make it the active display. I didn't see any new parameter in System Prefs that could affect this behaviour.


Logic 10.2 doesn't have a splash screen on El Capitan so I guess an update will solve that but that's no big deal. No problems whatsoever in stability and usage with all my 3rd party plugins.



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