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MCU banks in groups of 30 and not 8. Fix?

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I'm running the current version of Logic Pro X on a 2012 Mac Pro.


I just bought the Mackie Control Universal Pro and hooked up it via USB.


When I bank right or left it banks in groups of about 30 channel strips and not 8.


I only have 8 faders, so I don't know why this is happening.


In the arrangement window, Logic indicates that the first 8 channel strips are recognized by the MCU by having a grey color on the very left side of the channel strip. But, strangely, the next tracks up to 31 have a light blue indication color. (See attached picture.)


But in the mixer window, only the 8 channels that are on the MCU have an indication color. (See attached picture.)


There must be a setting that's triggering the light blue indication color on tracks 11 - 31 and that's also making the MCU bank in groups of about 30, but the literature doesn't say anything about any of this. It says it should bank in groups of 8 by default straight out of the box, but it's not.


I simply want it to bank in groups of 8. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks so much :)


Arrangement window- note: tracks 2 - 10 have the grey indication and tracks 11 - 31 are light blue


Mixer window - note: just the first 8 tracks have the grey indication light at the bottom

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