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Using Chord Trigger with Drummer


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Hi Folks:

I have been spending the last few days, among other things, getting deeper into finding ways to get more creative, but be quicker about it. One of those ways was learning more Drummer, including how best to use it, and also integrating third-party drum kits with it. One problem that I'm running into involves NI's Polyplex, which doesn't use the standard GM protocol, or at least it doesn't appear to be. Its kits start at around C3 or C5.


In hunting for a solution, this article below caught my attention:




Of particular note to me is using Chord Trigger as a means of getting Drummer to recognize the MIDI notes. I followed the instructions after finding that the active keys started in Chord Trigger with C5, and going up to C6. I was able to map that octave, one-by-one, at the top, and the bottom row ended up responding.


But when I play the Drummer track, the C1 area ended up responding in Chord Trigger visually, meaning that I can see the keys move on both rows, but of course because they are not the right keys then no noise was generated.


I feel that I'm quite close to a solution to fix this, so hopefully someone can give insight on what I should do to close that gap. Thanks much!


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