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"Amp Designer" setup for reggae/rock guitar?


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My first post here :)


I'm new to Logic & am only a moderate level electric guitarist. Most of my experience is in Cubase and on acoustic guitars.


Amp Designer has me pretty frazzled with all of its options, and I'm having a hard time dialing in the sound I'm looking for (or anything that will work well) for some reggae projects I'm working on. I'm looking for some clean if not slightly overdriven & chunky/chewy maybe tubey tones.


Which amp/cab configurations are a good place to start? What amps/cabs to avoid completely? I'm NOT looking for heavy metal distortion nor jazzy/twangy/surfy.


Any thoughts? THANKS!!


Btw, I'm playing on P90's/humbuckers through a JDI J48 DI.

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Thanks Eric!!


I suppose I was hoping for some detailed insights too, like "try amp ____ with cabinet ____ and with ___ & ___ on the pedalboard", etc


I've learned a tad since posting this though, and have found this ultra-helpful:



Still open to more feedback though....maybe from the small crowd doing reggae in particular? :)

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