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Logic Pro 10.2 display issues?


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Hi all :D


Since upgrading to LP 10.2 I noticed some rather strange visual behaviors. That includes the edges of the session drifting when dragging "too far" or (sometimes) when editing a marker's length. But that also includes blinking plugin interfaces (like Valhalla DSP's). Rather annoying and frustrating :|


Has this been reported yet? Is there a fix on the way or something to configure that I might have missed?


See the attachment for an exemple of what it can look like :shock:






Setup : OSX 10.10.5 / mid-2010 MBP

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Ok, thanks, I was asking in case you had the opportunity to test with another OS. As I'm under 10.10.5, maybe this "glitch" is OS related.


One of my students was actually having the same issues so I assumed those were well known. But I couldn't find anything relevant about this online and enventually posted here. Do you know what is the most efficient way to report this to Apple?


Thanks again.

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Yes, I'll ask my student for his specs. My graphics card is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 Mo.


With all the testing done so far, it's the use of the trackpad to zoom in that seems to be the trigger (same thing with an external Magic Trackpad). There's no problem whatsoever when using the vertical and horizontal zoom icons on Logic's interface.


I can even create the same "edge gitch" into the mixer window : when focusing on the mixer display, I zoom in by pinching the trackpad (which obviously does nothing) but then, when I drag the mixer to the far left, I can ossfet the display (the offset is incremented by the amout of extra dragging I apply) :



And putting the focus on another window makes the glitch disappear.


I've tried reconfiguring the trackpad, using different session templates, fullscreen or not displays, it's still here so far. :roll:

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