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Knob assignments in Drum Machine Designer


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MacBook Pro

3.1 GHz intel core i7


OS X: 10.11.1

Logic Pro X 10.2.0

Hardware: akai MPK mini II (w/ latest firmware)


Wondering how to map different sample panes in DMD to the same midi controller knobs on my akai mpk…


In main DMD window, I click on a certain pad (Kick 1) and get 8 software knob controllers in the bottom pane (pitch, env, distortion, etc.) specific to Kick 1.


I map my 8 hardware midi controller knobs to these (controller surfaces -> controller assignments expert view) with learn mode and they map as expected.


Issue: when I go to a different pad in DMD (Snare 1), it’s particular bottom pane comes up with its own separate software knob controllers. However, when I try to assign my 8 midi controller knobs to Snare 1’s specific bottom pane, I run into problems… Logic asks if I want to ‘reassign’ (transfer midi controller assignments to this pane; thereby replacing Kick 1’s ) or ‘keep both’ (same midi knob controller controls for both sample panes).


Ideally I’d like my 8 hardware midi knobs to be able to control the software knobs in any individual sample pane. For example, I’d like to just drop in and out of various samples, adjust the knobs on my controller and everything stays independent.


Hopefully this is clear!

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