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Logic keeps giving error messages


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Hello guys,


i got a massive problem and don´t know how to fix it.

I am running a 2011 2.5 GHZ iMac with 12 Gb Ram and normal HDD.

Interface is a Scarlet 2i2.

Logic is updated to the newest version and so are all plugins.


So i am making some songs with like 2 Kontakt tracks, 3 Nexus tracks & some Battery tracks for drums.

The Cpu meter rarely goes above 25% on all 4 cores and Hard Drive isn´t working unless the first hit of the space bar.


Now the problem: Almost every time i reload a project and hit play in some more complex part of the song it just gives me this error:

The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time. [-10011] :(


Is there a way to fix this? I thought about getting an external SSD through Thunderbolt / Firewire and put all of my libraries on it. Will this maybe work?


A mac upgrade isnt possible at the moment because im kinda short on money :D

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Since your are using sampler VI (Kontakt), you have to expect some latency (when loading projects that uses them) due to the time it takes for the samples to get loaded into the VI, adding to the time to load those plugins...

Using an SSD could definitely help up to a certain point (depending of the project size, the plugins used and the sampler load involved).

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