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"Go To Position" key command not behaving in 10.2


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Ever since upgrading to 10.2 on my OSX 10.9.5 machine (Mac Pro tower), the "Go To Position" key command is not behaving as it should. (I have mine set to the "." on the number pad).


It used to be that hitting the key command would automatically recall the last place I had typed -- but now the default recall is the place where the transport stopped.


So for example, if I type "Go To…" and then hit measure 5, the transport will go to measure 5, and then I can hit play. But then when I stop playback and hit the "Go To" command again, instead of remembering the last position was m5, it fills in the entry with my current (later) position in the timeline, say, somewhere in the middle of measure 9 or wherever.


It used to be that when I would hit the "Go To…" command, I could just hit the key and then enter and it would automatically go back to the original place I wanted to start, allowing me to replay or overdub very quickly. Now I need to remember the exact location of playback and keep retyping it in each time.


Am I missing something here? Am I just a dumdum? I hope so…


Any insight would be appreciated!

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