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No plugin effect in record mode


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hello, i'm new to the forum, i joined up as for some time now i have been trying to find out why i can't seem to get any effect going during recording sessions. Plugin effects are only active when playing back a recorded track, e.g vocals or guitar. So i can't use the amp designer effects thus avoid playing straight through the interface up till now by by-passing throught a POD pre-amp. It;s a shame though but it works all right. However when doing vocals a singer would occasionally want some reverb on the headphones and i am unable to provide that. I'm sure it's just a tickbox overlooked somewhere.


This is my set-up: Logic Pro X with Onyx 820i interface on iMac

I usually create audio tracks (no bass or guitar tracks) and record tracks after which i will add the plugins at a later stage. That all works fine, as said on recorded material plugins are okay. Plugins don't work at pre-recording / playing along stage.

Same goes for amp designer in a guitar track, I can asign any amp I like won't hear it unless track is recorded (clean straight from interface) and played back. Only then the plugin works.


Hope anyone will be able to advise what to do,


Thanks, Mies

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Sounds like you have Low Latency Mode selected.


Logic Pro X->Preferences->Audio->General->Low Latency Mode checkbox.


That limit slider is essentially a threshold for how much latency plugins are allowed to produce. The default setting is 5ms, which pretty much eliminates most plugins unless you are running a beefy mac pro with PCI interface.


Uncheck that box and you should hear all plugins during recording, assuming software monitoring is on.

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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I am familiar with the help pages and also purchased David Nahmani's Logic Pro X PMP guide book, which is helpfull in many ways but not for this issue.


here's the settings as they are:






So, Software monitoring has been ticked on and Low Latency mode has been ticked off

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Well, this won't fix your problem, but I personally don't see the need to have "Input Monitor only for focused track" selected.


That's pretty odd...the behavior you're describing sounds like when low latency mode is active.


What are the specs of your machine?


So to clarify, when you have plugins enabled, and you click "Input Monitor" on a particular track, you don't hear any audio at all...or you don't hear any of the plugins effects?

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Thanks, here's an example which is explanatory for all plugin effects vs all audio tracks (not midi tracks)


i create an audio track and play along the drum rhythm. The instrument is plugged in into the onyx interface channel 1 in this example and the sound is clean as you would expect. (Same applies for mics when doing vocals or after micing any amp, using DI from eg bass amp dito, but that aside)


so far so good.


When i would want to add an effect to that clean sound i add a plugin, say a sampler delay as follows:




Sound is still clean. in this picture the record button is off, but there is also no delay effect sounding when record is enabled, the signal remains clean.


I record a track, guitar in this case, still playing with that clean sound: http://www.thesaurus.co.nl/logicforum/logic_03.jpg


When i play back the recording only now the sample delay is effective; i hear it when playing back the recorded track. I can also change and add plugins, they all sound as they are supposed to, but only on recorded material.


When i would play along with this track, using all plugins settings as they are, the sound of pleying along is still as clean as if no plugins are active. iow somehow the signal from the instrument seems to by-pass all plugins and i can't figure out what causes that.


I use iMac OS X 10.9.5

with 3.1 Ghz intel core 15 processor

4GB 1333 Mhz DDR3

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im currently having the same issue. my plug-ins are working on audio recorded tracks after they're recorded but not while i have input monitoring on. i hear myself but i don't hear any plug in affects until after i record.

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