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no DAE or DTDM?


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i'm working at a studio with a MacPro 2.66, Apogee AD/DA16X (w/ Digi-Cards), PTHD7.3, Logic 7.2.3.


for some odd reason, in Logic's "Audio Hardware and Drivers" page, i do not see "DAE" or "TDM" tabs.


i read around the internet, and some suggested that i needed to install ProTools first, then Logic. i did that already. i also made sure that ESB TDM.dpm and EXS24 TDM.dpm are installed properly in Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plugins folder.


repaired permissions, uninstalled then reinstalled Logic, still no go...


anyone have any idea what is going on? how come i only see "Core Audio" as my only Driver tab?

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sorry if this is really obvious – but you are looking at the audio hardware and drivers are you ?…the TDM option on the object itself will be greyed out until you have them ticked in the audio drivers selection panel … and after a re-start ...
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Sorry Mark, but your advice is incorrect.


Here's my reply from the Apple user forum...


There's nothing wrong with your setup, but I'm afraid that you're not going to see a driver for DAE in Logic on a Mac Pro. Go look at the small disclaimer in the info about Logic 7.2...




...where is says: "Pro Tools HD compatibility is currently limited to PowerPC based systems only..."


Unfortunately, this little nugget was posted far too late for a whole bunch of people who use Logic as a front end to Pro Tools who also upgraded to an Intel Mac Pro.


Phone support back in November promised that Apple are working on a fix, but I'm not holding my breath.

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oh dear ... what a pain ... you are correct .. i use a ppc with logic 7.1 with the tools HD system ...


i am upgrading to a mac pro soon ...


maybe i won't ...!


its the same with ppc and intel songs on version 7.2 ...no compatability ...what's that all about ...!!!

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