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issue with assigning midi input


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Quick question hopefully someone has a solution. This is what I am trying to do. I have a template with a midi controller assigned to an instrument on the track using a loopback plugin and obviously, recording. The thing is that when I want to open up another track, while the loop is playing and assign the new track's instrument midi input section to a new instrument the loop stops playing and it only does it intermittently, is there a way to stop that and make sure the loop doesn't stop. I want to keep it running smoothly. Basically my intention is to create a track, record a loop with the loopback plugin, and start another track with another loop, select the midi input to the instrument and keep doing that to build a song. The reason I want to change the midi input section to the instrument is because I am doing this with one midi controller.
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First off, you don't want to be creating channel strips during a performance. That will definitely cause issues.


I think the easiest way to do this would be to create a Set for each song you want to build.


At the Set Level, create several Bus (aux) channel strips, each with an instance the Loopback plugin, and make sure that they are all set to "Sync." DON'T create your instrument tracks at the set level.


Then, create Patches inside that Set, with the different instrument channel strips that you want. Create only one instrument channel strip per patch, and set the MIDI controller to the channel strip within each patch.


In the output section of the instrument channel strip, instead of outputting to the Main output, send them to the Loopback Bus of your choosing.

Make sure that you send the channel strip to each DIFFERENT playback instance at the set level that you want to mix.


The final outcome will be (for example):

1) A set that contains (5) Loopback Busses at the Set Level, all synchronized.

2) 5 Patches within the Set, and each patch contains a different playable instrument.

3) Upon playback at the SET level, all the Loopback plugins will stay in sync, and play continuously even through patch changes.

4) Switch to the different patches to record the different parts of your loop.

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