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Flex time - audio moves when deleting blue lines

camillo jr

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I'm working with a guitar track that was recorded against a tempo track with tempo variations throughout. I'm used to being able to delete the resulting blue lines that show up where ever there's a tempo change, if I need to flex the part very close to or past one of those blue lines. However, when I delete the blue line in this song, the audio after the blue line moves, (up to the next tempo line), even if I put in a flex marker ahead of time to anchor the subsequent audio. I don't remember this happening before. The audio is ignoring that flex marker.


In the two images below, you can see that the audio has moved slightly to the right of the Flex marker after deleting the fourth blue line in the image. It has been a long while since I worked with this kind of track, so maybe it always did this. Thoughts?


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